The New Mutants

Tonight, I am finally seeing the new Ninja Turtles movie. I’m going to give you some before and after impressions:


So far, I’ve just seen some trailers and heard some scuttlebutt. Mostly, I’m leery. The turtles look pretty ugly. I mean, I guess they look more like actual turtles, but turtles are kind of ugly. It looks like Shredder is more of a henchman, like Bane in Batman and Robin. We all know how that turned out (hint, not good.)Besides, Shredder is awesome for being an imposing physical threat while still being the mastermind. I don’t think that’s been done well in a while, and this was a good chance. I don’t think you need to add some sort of evil businessman to the mix to make the story work. April looks like she probably takes up a lot of screen time, but whatever. She seems to be the only actual movie star in this thing, so I guess you’ve got to put her front and centre. My final pre-viewing impression is that there looks like there’s an awful lot of CGI. I mean, there’s a shot in the trailer of the Turtles fighting army vehicles down a mountain and it looks like a cartoon. And, you know, I’m fine with that in principle – the CG Turtles movie was pretty good – but if you’re selling this as live action, make it live action! Continue reading

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I wouldn’t trust Yelp is one of the most popular online review sites for restaurants and other businesses.  Unfortunately, it extorts business owners.  Either the business owners pay up or Yelp will hide a business’ positive reviews.  Since 2008, the Federal Trade Commission in the US has received over 2000 complaints about Yelp’s business practices.  Many of these complaints are from business owners seeing their ratings plummet after Yelp solicited them for advertising dollars and Yelp got turned down.


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RIP Robin Williams

Every year there are celebrity deaths. Usually, if they’re lucky, it’s old age that does them in. Sometimes, though, it’s misadventure, murder, or suicide. All are sad, but the latter are shocking. They lead to speculation, and intrigue. They play out like the fictions we are used to seeing the celebrities in. Their deaths become another part of the distraction from daily life that we counted on them for. The mourning and sadness we feel when most celebrities die is fleeting as we move our attentions on to some new source of amusement. Continue reading

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Grumbling of the Galaxy

Sorry for the delay, loyal UberFriends! Life got in the way this past week, but I’m here to make amends. But, because of that you’ll get a double dose of grumbling this week.

Now, I’m a little late, but I feel like I can’t allow Guardians of the Galaxy to pass by unnoticed. To give you an idea of how much I liked it, I’ve seen it twice in theatres. So far. The last time I did that was in 2010 with Scott Pilgrim. The last time I saw a movie more than that in theatres was for the original X-Men. What I’m saying is that I have to REALLY like something to pay to see it in theatres more than once. Continue reading

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Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie is pretty awesome.  It’s got a little bit of everything: action, romance, visual effects, more action, more visual effects, and lots of humour.  If you like comic book movies, definitely go see this one!


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Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds

The leader of the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World cult has come out with a new comic book.  Seconds is about a young woman who’s growing up but still making mistakes.  However, she discovers mysterious magic mushrooms that let her fix her screwups and rewrite the past.  Unfortunately, she does not heed a warning that she should only take one mushroom.  This book is about food (second helpings) and about life (second chances).

Seconds-e1401999401235-560x280 Continue reading

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San Diego Con Announcements

As I am sure you are all aware, this past weekend was San Diego Comic Con 2014. To all the people who were lucky enough to attend, I’d like to say on behalf of the rest of us “Screw you guys.” This sentiment definitely includes the Co-Uberfriend in Chief. Unless he brings me something back. In which case, “Screw you guys except for the Co-Uberfriend in Chief who is a hero to us all.” Continue reading

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The new Sailor Moon

So a bunch of Sailor Moon fans (200+) decided to re-animate an episode of the old North American dub of Sailor Moon.  Moon Animate, Make-Up! is my favorite version of Sailor Moon by far.  You can check it out on Youtube below:

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A Couple of Movie Reviews

This week I think I’m going to do some capsule reviews of a few movies that I’ve seen recently.


This is definitely not a movie for everyone. If you just go to movies for escapism, or a rollicking good time, you will not enjoy this one. But, if you are interested in a beautiful story of growing up that isn’t sugar coated or especially profound, you should check this out. Most coming of age stories tend to focus on one event as the incident that changes someone from a child to an adult. This is more realistic in that it tracks one boy for twelve years. And, here’s the kicker, it actually took 12 years to film. Continue reading

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The evils of auto dialers

One of the “problems” that telemarketers face is that they spent a lot of time waiting for their potential victims to pick up the phone.  Thanks to technology, they have a solution to this problem: the autodialer (or predictive dialer).  The system will automatically dial many numbers at once.  When the person on the other end picks up, they are connected to a telemarketer.  If all of the telemarketers are busy, then the person being called will be put on hold.

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