Review: Mini Metro

Mini Metro (website) is a puzzle/strategy game where you design a subway system to efficiently transport passengers to their destination.  The mechanics of the game are  simple- passengers want to go to any station that matches their icon.  This isn’t necessarily realistic as the passengers are ok with going to any number of different stations and don’t always have a specific destination in mind.  However, the game is good because the rules are simple yet the strategy has a lot of depth to it.

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Things little kids will laugh at me for: dial-up Internet

Not only was dial-up Internet really, really slow… my computer would make all sorts of strange noises before connecting to the Internet.

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A Return to Garden State

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. It’s something we’ve been trained to embrace. My generation has, anyway. I mean, how often have the Ninja Turtles been rebooted, or rebranded or brought out for another spin. And, I’m not even talking about totally new versions of beloved characters. It can be as simple as them literally remaking the classic toys from my youth. But, it can be a double edged sword. Every time I’m enticed to go back to something from years ago that I loved, there’s a 50/50 chance that I’m either going to love it anew, or it’s going to taint my memories. Continue reading

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Fantastic Ford

Graham is right.  The Fantastic Four movie is terrible.  Watch this compilation of Rob Ford videos instead… it’s far more entertaining.

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The Floptastic Fail

There are many very good reasons I could never be a director. I don’t have any discernible talent being the main one. But, another big reason is that I am prone to saying “That’s good enough.” Throughout my life, that’s kind of been a mantra. Unfortunately, that also seems to have been a mantra for the current Fantastic Four movie. Half finished special effects – good enough. Little to no attention paid to the source material – good enough. Aggressively dumb ending – good enough. Continue reading

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Loving The Source Material

Everything about art is subjective. What you like and don’t like is entirely up to you. Sure, there are some things that appeal to a vast swath of the population like The Dark Knight. There are other things that appeal to just one or two people, like this blog. One of the things I find most interesting is to watch something that was popular in one medium get adapted to another. What does the adapter think is important from the source material? Is it just the visuals, like the Captain America TV movies from the 80s? Or, do they actually love the story and want to be faithful while still bringing in a new audience like the first two X-Men movies? Continue reading

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Laminate flooring: fake wood or Wood 2.0?

Last week I talked about movie theatre “butter”. This week I’ll talk about “movie theatre” wood.

laminate-floor-constructionLaminate flooring is a plank of high density fibreboard with a picture of a wood pattern printed onto it.  The fibreboard itself consists of many tiny pieces of wood held together with resin.  The decorative layer makes the flooring look like it came from a single piece of wood rather than many pieces of wood compressed together.  Covering it all is a laminate coating that protects the decorative picture (and the rest of the flooring) from everyday wear and tear.

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Movie theatre “butter”

So apparently a lot of movie theatres don’t actually put any real butter onto their popcorn.  There’s a food additive called “flavacol” that provides the buttery flavour without actual butter.  Vegans actually get real excited about this because there’s no real butter in the popcorn.

One benefit of movie theatre “butter” is that it has a very low water content, which means that the popcorn won’t get soggy.  So now you know.

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The High Midichlorian Count of Star Wars #1

I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan. Not huge, exactly. I mean, I haven’t read many of the novels. I don’t really know who Mara Jade is. I couldn’t tell you what species Darth Maul is. But, if we’re sticking to just the movies, I know my stuff. Another area of Star Wars lore that I’m pretty deficient in is the comic books. I’m sure some have been great over the years, but at this point they all seem to be kind of filler. Continue reading

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Ant-Sized Expectations for Ant-Man

I’m a Marvel junkie, so I try to see their new movies as soon as possible. Usually, it’s sometime on opening weekend. Sometimes, if it’s something that hasn’t quite caught my full attention (Thor 2, for example) I’ll wait for cheap Tuesday. That is what happened this week with Ant-Man. And, like Thor 2, I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

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