Top Ten TV Episodes part II

All right, we’re back for the next instalment of my top ten TV episodes list. Please feel free to let me know exactly how wrong I am on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments.

7) Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Conversations with Dead People

I really liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I actually had a hard time thinking of an episode that I found truly memorable. I know there are some classics that people are yelling at the screen – Hush and Once More With Feeling, probably – but while they’re good, they didn’t really stick with me. The Body, the one where Buffy finds her mom dead of natural causes, was one that I considered pretty strongly. But, this one always stood out to me more than just about any other episode of the series. The episode follows many of the characters encountering dead people from their past in some form or another. Each character’s story is isolated from all of the others, and it’s the Buffy story in particular that stands out for me. She encounters a recently turned vampire who was a high school classmate of hers that she barely knew. The two stop fighting and reminisce about the past. It’s such a great twist on what would otherwise have been a fairly standard fight scene. It adds a touch of the mundane to this fantastic world that the show had created. I think it also stands out for me because I’d been out of high school for a few years by the time I watched it, and the nostalgia factor really registered for me at the time. I wonder if I watched it for the first time at my current age if it would have the same impact?

6) Star Trek – The City on the Edge of Forever

I know, I know, this is like saying that Citizen Kane is your favorite movie. It’s the cliche answer! But, in this case, the cliche is right! This is almost without a doubt the best episode of Star Trek the original series. It’s got all the hallmarks of the best Star Trek – Kirk, Spock and McCoy at the centre of the story, time travel, comedy, and heartbreak. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and correct that. Long story short, McCoy goes nuts, jumps through a time machine, Kirk and Spock go to rescue him, Kirk falls for a kind hearted lady in 1930s New York, and ultimately has to choose between her and history. Great stuff. Shatner has never been described as a subtle actor, but he gives probably the best performance of his career in this episode. You totally buy his romance with the Edith Keeler, the kind lady who helps them, and his final line of the episode – “Let’s get the hell out of here” – is said with just the right amount of regret. Man. So good. I want to rewatch it right now. Maybe I should’ve put this higher…

5) South Park – Scott Tenorman Must Die

When South Park first came on the air, the appeal was mostly in seeing crude drawings say and do crude things. That’s why I stayed up late to watch it so often when I was a kid. It was naughty! After a couple of seasons, it started to get a bit more sophisticated. These days, almost every episode has something to say about politics or pop culture. This episode, though, falls into a sweet spot between the two. It doesn’t really have anything to say, but it goes beyond simple crudeness for its jokes. The plot of the episode is that Cartman has been tricked by Scott Tenorman. I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say it’s pretty gross. Cartman’s petty attempts to get revenge keep back firing. Until, that is, the episode ends with something so extreme it pushes Cartman beyond just being a petty jerk into something evil. It’s so dark, but also incredibly funny.

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Top Ten TV Episodes Part 1

This week marks the beginning of my most ambitious grumble yet. So ambitious that it is going to take three weeks to complete. I’ve decided to make an attempt at listing my personal ten favorite episodes of TV ever. This is by no means a list that is meant to be definitive. These are just the ten episodes of TV that I could think of today that have meant the most to me. If I were to try to do this list again tomorrow, I might have ten completely different episodes. Honestly though, I think most of these episodes would still make the cut. Continue reading

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As I am sure you are well aware, James Bond is back in theatres. It’s hard to believe that this, Spectre, is the 24th official Bond film. I mean, I guess it’s not that hard to believe. The first movie came out 53 years ago, so one movie every 2 years or so isn’t that impressive a feat. Still, we’ve reached a point where you’d need more than 2 full days to watch a marathon of all of the films. Not many franchises can say that. What’s even more surprising is that the movies seem to just be getting better. Continue reading

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It finally happened! The day I’ve been dreaming about since the 2009 Star Trek came out and didn’t suck! They’re finally bringing Trek back to TV! Any and all efforts for me to actually accomplish something productive today were lost as soon as this came to my attention. It’s been over ten years since we’ve had any Trek on the small screen, and over 16 years since there’s been good Star Trek. I have to admit, though, those stark numbers have tempered my enthusiasm a little. In fact, this might be as enthusiastic as I get. As it stands, we know so little about this series everything about it has potential. My hopes about what it could be have yet to be dashed against the treacherous rocks of reality. Continue reading

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Halloween 2015

It’s that time of year again. That time when you can leave the grocery store with boxes and boxes of mini-chocolate bars without shame. It is indeed Halloween, and in addition to flirting with sugar-induced comas, it’s a great opportunity to watch horror movies! Last year, the wife and I watched quite a few in the lead up to the big day. This year, we’re a bit behind. But, we’ll try to make up for it today. So far, in the last week we’ve watched It Follows, The Omen and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. What follows is my horrifying account of each one. Continue reading

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Expanded Universes

For a long time, Star Wars was dead. There wasn’t anything new for fans after Return of the Jedi until the Phantom Menace, unless you count a couple of Ewok movies or the cartoons. The only place the story actually continued was in the novels and the comic books. The same can now be said for Star Trek. But, are those stories worth the paper they’re printed on? Are they little more than expensive fan fiction? I guess the answer to those questions is at least partly based on how you feel about fan fiction. Continue reading

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Surprising song lyrics

Some songs out there become popular because they’re catchy, even though nobody understands the lyrics.  Snow’s 1992 Informer was a hit even though it’s almost impossible to understand what the singer is saying.  Then there are songs where most people don’t really think about what the lyrics actually mean.  For example, Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks is about a kid shooting up his school.

Continue reading

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Graham Pans Pan and Peeks at Crimson Peak

Tonight was the first time I’ve ever actually turned my phone off in a movie theatre. Usually setting it to vibrate is good enough. However, tonight was a must win game for a local sports team and I knew no matter what the outcome my phone would start buzzing away. (The Blue Jays won, BTW.) The screening that I was at was for Crimson Peak, the latest film by Guillermo “Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth” del Toro. Was it worth missing a defining moment in Toronto sports history? Continue reading

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Graham’s 200th Grumble!

Guess what, everyone? Last week was my 200th Grumble! My how time flies. It feels like only 100 posts ago that I hit my 100th post. Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are that this is still going. I would like to start this off by thanking the Uber Uberfriends – Shaggy and David. They made this whole site possible and have graciously kept this site running even though it’s primarily become a weekly dumping ground for whatever is running through Glenn and my heads. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the other Uberfriends who have made this site worth visiting over the years – 3D Matt, Stella, and Andrew. Continue reading

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Indie Game Review: Concrete Jungle

If you enjoy deck-building and puzzle games, definitely check out Concrete Jungle.

concrete jungle gameplay Continue reading

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