SHOW ABOUT GAMES SHOW – Ep011 – 3D Arwings & Blues & Reds

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Shaggy Shan

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Shaggy Shan is an author. That's right, a PRINTED author. BOOSH! Along with such titles as Buttons & Jim (Flight Anthology vol 8), Radio Adrift (Explorer: The Lost Islands) and the self published collaborative effort with web artist & sister KT Shy, Silly Kingdom, he dabbles in motion graphics and audio shenanigans. Check out more of his work at:
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4 Responses to SHOW ABOUT GAMES SHOW – Ep011 – 3D Arwings & Blues & Reds

  1. KoniraThax says:

    If the guy in the Red & Blue skit isn’t parodying Dr. Strangelove then you guys have got me stumped.

    Another great episode as always!

    • Shaggy Shan Shaggy Shan says:

      The Guy with the glasses? Sorry to say I have yet to actually watch Dr. Strangelove… but maybe our actor did, heh :)

  2. Koko says:

    Fantastic job, guys! Also, the red vs blue skit is probably the best written one so far :)

    • Shaggy Shan Shaggy Shan says:

      Thank you very much, it was fairly different from what we’ve written so far as it involved so many characters… and duplicates of them.