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Internet, seriously not ok

I’m going to be taking about Mass Effect 3 today. There aren’t going to be any spoilers but this is basically a rant so read at your own discretion.

Let me start by saying I was quite disappointed with the ending of Mass Effect. Don’t get me wrong the game was amazing and if I’m honest, I doubt anything could have lived up to the expectations I’d generated but that doesn’t change the fact that after it finished my first words were “Wait, was that it? Did I accidently skip past something?”

That being said this http://www.inquisitr.com/210573/childs-play-shuts-down-retake-mass-effect-3-fundraiser/ is not ok. I know that it’s already being cancelled by penny arcade but the fact that it got started at all worries me.

To any and everyone who was involved with this moronic campaign. You do not own Mass Effect. You don’t have a say in the story. You don’t have final decision on the direction it takes just because you’re a fan. It doesn’t matter what they did with the story, it doesn’t matter if there were mitigating factors. Even if they rushed it, even if they ran out of money. You do not get a say. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it.

And before anyone mentions that it was raising money for sick kids and that it was doing a good thing. Let me ask you this, if they wanted to raise money for charity then why did they wait for this to do it?

Another way to look at it is that they are using sick kids to justify and publicise their immature actions, hiding behind a charity organisation for validation and so that people couldn’t criticise them on this shit and for that, these people should be despised.

If they were only trying to get the ending changed then this would just be silly. Something funny for us all to have a good laugh about together and then forget, but they aren’t. They‘re using sick kids to try and take creative control from the artists that made it. They aren’t fighting for a good cause or expressing their right to free speech, they’re just… well, they’re just being dicks.

Don’t praise these people, don’t support them. Feel embarrassed for them because clearly, they can’t see how ridiculously sad they’re being.

Alright, I’m done. No more whinging from me.

PS. If you’re planning on leaving a comment, please don’t give any specifics to the ending of Mass Effect. Many people have not finished the game and I don’t want to spoil it for them.

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