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Graham’s Nostalgia

So, I recently turned 30 and started a new position at work. These have been some slightly stressful times and I’ve been sliding into nostalgia as a way to cope. A little mental trip to one’s youth can’t be too harmful, right? Well, I guess that depends what that trip entails. (more…)

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Christmas 2015

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house Graham dreamed of presents that probably won’t be. All right, that’s about as much of that as I can handle. Sure it’s a little last minute, but if you need to get a present for me or one of my many clones roaming the city here are some recommendations. (more…)

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What’s Next for Superhero TV?

It was recently announced that there’s going to be a pilot for a Green Arrow live-action TV series.  In all likelihood, it’ll probably end up like that much maligned Wonder Woman pilot – relegated to the bootleg stalls of comic conventions.  But why?

Superhero comics would seem to be just about the perfect source material for TV shows.  They’re already serialized and they all end on a cliff hanger.  There’s a built-in audience, and a whole bunch of marketing tie-ins.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are some very successful examples – three immediately spring to mind the Adam West Batman, the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, and Smallville.  But the first two were unabashedly campy and probably would not fly on network TV today.  I haven’t seen much Smallville, but I know they steered away from the tried and true parts of the comic book continuity for years and years.  And, when superheroes did start showing up on the show they’re costumes were pretty ridiculous.

Also, there were many many years between these successes.  Batman ended in 1969 and Wonder Woman started in 1975.  Smallville started in 2001, almost thirty years later.  (I can’t think of any other successful live action superhero shows, but if you can let me know.)  There have been other attempts, but none that I would call a success.

Green Hornet – 1 season, 26 episodes.  The Flash – 1 season, 22 episodes.  Birds of Prey – 1 season, 14 episodes.  Justice League – 1 pilot.

Ok, so I thought of a couple more successes.  The Incredible Hulk and Lois and Clark.  So, that puts us at about one success a decade.  I mean, considering the source material, it shouldn’t be this hard.  Allow me to present some easy, totally, like, nothing-but-net ideas.

Batman, but in a smallville-ish way.  Have a young (early twenties) Bruce Wayne learning to be Batman in Gotham.  Very Batman: Year One.  Not too many supervillains, at least not at first.  Concentrate on drug dealers, and gangsters.  The supporting cast could be Alfred, Lieutenant Jim Gordon, and D.A. Harvey Dent.  Follow in the realistic style of the Christopher Nolan movies, and your set!  I would watch that every week!  I mean, A-Plots would be Batman kicking ass, and the B-Plots could be Bruce navigating the Wayne corporation.

Punisher.  I really don’t think I even need to say more.  Again, it would be kind of gritty, but have more War Journal style narration.  Again, more gangsters than supervillains, but I think it would be cool.  Every episode, he should get his ass kicked and then come back and win in the last ten minutes.  I’m cheating a little with this one since Marvel actually is producing a Punisher TV series.  I just hope they have learned their lesson from the three Punisher movies.

Finally, how about something a little lighter.  Captain Marvel (although, I guess they’d have to call it Shazam or something ‘cause of the copyright issues.)  A little boy turns into a Superman-eque superhero, but retains his boyish mind and personality.  It would be like Super Big!  He also has a fantastic assortment of bizarre supervillains – like a super intelligent caterpillar and a weird bald doctor

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think those are some pretty solid ideas for TV shows.  And, I don’t think they’d be too expensive or difficult to make either.  (Okay, maybe Captain Marvel could be a little expensive but I think it would be worth it.)  What do you think?  Do I have something here?

Graham Becksted’s a future TV executive so you should be nice to him.  He is the author of Graham’s Grumbles the second blog by that name that is listed in Google results when you search for Graham’s Grumbles.  If you would like to be his 51st follower (thank you, bots), he can be followed on Twitter @GrahamBecksted.

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DC Moustache Pun

This week, I bring you part two of my Movember tribute to great Moustaches in comics!

This week, the Distinguished Competition:


The first moustache that comes to mind when I think of DC is a sinister little number.  It’s something of a cross between Dali and John Waters and it’s worn by Hal Jordan’s (Green Lantern to the uninitiated) greatest foe!

A man who enjoys his moustache.

Hardly thick enough to catch crumbs, it’s been with the wearer through good times and bad.  Sinestro turned his back on the Green Lantern Corps, and started to use his stylish ‘stache to strike fear in the hearts of all.  Now he has his own Corps, The Sinestro Corps, and he uses said ‘stache like antenna to hunt down new members.

Alfred Pennyworth

Batman has had many sidekicks through the years.  Several Robins from Dick Grayson to Tim Drake.  His own son.  Three or four Batgirls.  But, his most stalwart companion is his butler’s moustache.

He grew his moustache so that he could be a human feather duster.

It’s not terribly well known that Alfred was quite different in his initial appearances.  He was a chubby fellow, with a propensity for bumbling into the Caped Crusader’s crime fighting pursuits.  In those days, he was more likely to cause a problem than to help solve it.  But, one day, in an effort to improve himself, he went to a spa and cleaned himself up.  When he returned, he was trim, capable, and moustachioed.  This Alfred, thanks to his handy little ‘stache, could fix anything from a broken bone to a nice cup of tea.  A vast improvement and the sole constant in Batman’s hectic life!

The Joker

Finally, a character who would appear to not even have a ‘stache.  But this is the most devious lip toupee yet.


A man devoted to his Mo.

Cesar Romero, the original TV joker refused to shave to play the baldfaced Joker.  He said that he owed his entire career to his hairy sneezeguard.  So, they just painted white makeup over it, thus creating a secret-stache.  He was the most consistent thorn in Adam West’s side during the three years that the show was on the air, and probably the most memorable.  And to think, none of it would be possible without that moustache.

So, if you’re as thankful for moustaches as Mr. Cesar Romero was, please make a donation to help men’s health at: www.mobro.co/GrahamBecksted

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