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G’day all. For this post I want to talk about Paperman, the breathtaking short animation from Disney studios. If you haven’t seen it yet then you are a pillock and should watch it immediately.

(Sorry, couldn’t find a decent full version of it on youtube)

Once again Disney has knocked it out of the park, which is sort of expected by this point but even they seem to have outdone themselves this time. That’s what I and a lot of other people in the 2D and 3D industries are trying to focus on, just how amazing this is but unfortunately, inevitably Paperman has also been a jolt of energy to one of the oldest and stupidest arguments in the animation industry. “Will 3D replace 2D?”

The reason this question has reared its ugly head again is because of the method by which Paperman was made. A special combination of 2D and 3D animation overlaid to create the finished result but regrettably, this has made some folks assert that this is the future of 2D animation. Many of them taking to well established blogs and magazine articles to talk about classic animation as if it’s some form of quant niche entertainment that can’t possibly survive into the future without a surgical graft of 3D to keep it alive and current.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No, 3D is not going to replace 2D. 3D animation takes just as much time and on average, about the same amount of money to produce as 2D so it always comes down to the personal preference of the storytellers (Creator, writer, director, producer, etc.) and last time I check there were still a lot of people out there who prefer 2D animation over 3D.

I’ve also heard the argument about less people taking an interest in 2D and there for not learning about it or choosing a career in it. That, good sir is also bullshit. There’s just too much cross over between the two. Too many skills in 3D animation that are forged in 2D and needed for success. For example, DreamWorks won’t hire a 3D animator unless they have at least some professional 2D animation work under their belt. You can’t learn about 3D without 2D coming into it somewhere.

These two methods of visualisation are not separate entities. They are overlapping, intertwined inescapably joined to one another in a way that will never truly be able to be split. If anything that’s what Paperman proves above all else.

So if you’re talking to someone who thinks that 2D and 3D are in some kind of vicious death struggle for supremacy, it would probably be a good idea to punch that person in the face. That’s just my opinion though.

See you next week

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Animation Fun

Little something I wanted to share.

They guy who made this has said before that this is something that he and his friends did in their spare time…… he fails to mention that he and his friends are some of the most prominent animators in the 2D animation industry. Pretty good friends to have.

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