SRT – CH10

THE LONG AWAITED (well, maybe ‘delayed’ is more appropriate) Chapter 10 of Shaggy Reads Twilight, from Nicholas Lowther’s Movember donation.

(right click to download) – Shaggy Reads Twilight Chapter 10 (32m42s, 30mb, warning: contains strong language)

Shaggy Shan

About Shaggy Shan

Shaggy Shan is an author. That's right, a PRINTED author. BOOSH! Along with such titles as Buttons & Jim (Flight Anthology vol 8), Radio Adrift (Explorer: The Lost Islands) and the self published collaborative effort with web artist & sister KT Shy, Silly Kingdom, he dabbles in motion graphics and audio shenanigans. Check out more of his work at:
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5 Responses to SRT – CH10

  1. Metta says:


    Where can we donate for more chapterssss???

    Ecthethethethethhh… (Edward laugh.)

    • Shaggy Shan Shaggy Shan says:

      (Ha, never imagined his laugh to ever be written out)

      As far as donating, it all comes down to if I can find a cause… that is easy to manage (Movember allows us to maintain a page and shows who donated what), so if you have any suggestions, throw them my way. :)

  2. Mike says:

    Oooooooh, this hit the spot.

    And until you find another cause I am prepared to offer you the gift of one hand knit hat for Chapter 11 from our etsy shop. Just pick it out and tell me where to send it and it’s yours. 😀

    • Shaggy Shan Shaggy Shan says:

      Oh wow, that is a generous offer good sir. Alas, as the SRT series is a thing of evil, new chapters can only be created from the efforts of giving to others than myself.

      (translation) – Perhaps we can work out a way that your offer goes to the giver of the largest donation in the next round of donate-able cause I find. Email me if you’re interested.

  3. KoniraThax says:

    Agh! The link doesn’t work. :(