Food/Film Review: Deviled Eggs & Top Gun

I’ve never seen Top Gun before, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. I’ve also never made Deviled Eggs starring hard boiled eggs, mayo, white vinegar, salt, black pepper, and paprika.

So this is one of those classic movies from the late ‘80s that everyone seems to know. Jets. Flying. Danger zones. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, growing up in the ‘90s there was so much Top Gun that you could pretty much assemble what was going on in the film.

The same could be said for deviled eggs. You’ve been to enough new years parties and ate enough of these things that you could probably figure out how to make them without being told.

But for those who have neither seen nor made, Top Gun is about a bunch of pilots who are all awesome at piloting things that fly really fast, and are all entered into this rigorous program of high altitude dog fighting, where only one team (pilot and copilot, in this case Maverick and Goose) can earn the prestigious title of Top Gun, which was coincidentally the same title given to a roller coaster at my local theme park Canada’s Wonderland.

Deviled eggs is the title that goes to the team off eggs that make it through a rigorous process of being hard boiled, de-shelled, cut in half, and the yokes mushed up with the fixings, before being returned to the egg whites and sprinkled with paprika for garnish.

Both of these processes had elements of danger. Even though the dog fighting was not using live fire, accidents can (and did) happen. The same could be said for the eggs. Many of them didn’t make it out of the shell after being hard-boiled with out some tearing or ripping in the wrong place.

The problem that both food and film had was repetition. You like the main song “Highway to the Danger Zone“? Well get used to it, you hear it 3 times during the film. You like the taste of egg? Congratulation, that’s all you get with a plate full of deviled eggs. Definitely meant as a party snack instead of a meal.

This may very well be 'too much of a good thing'.

There are some weird moments in the film as well. During the man-tastic beach volley ball scene, this guy does a muscle pose, all like “GN-EEEEEEH!” The photo doesn’t do it justice, but he just locks into that pose during the game… who was that for?


Also worth noting, there’s a few things in this film I feel inspired Street Fighter II … just saying, more than a passing resemblance.

Guile and Val

Also, dare to compare the opening 5 seconds of both these tunes?

For what it’s worth, the film is still a marvel in that all of the exterior jet footage WAS exterior jet footage. If remade, the film would most likely be predominantly CG, so hey, big ups to authenticity.

Overall, both the film and food were what they were. Jets. Eggs. How ye’ doin’. Probably better in smaller doses, but there you go.

Final Score:

Final Note:
People ask me why I don’t try to make the food in-theme with the movie I’m watching.
To be in-theme with Top Gun, I would have made sausages.


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