Shameless Promotion Time™: 3d Matt is doing commissions!

So last week I posted about the curse of stuff.  Forget everything I told you.  Because you know what you should do?  Buy more stuff.  Especially if it’s in 3-D.  Uberfriendship’s very own 3D Matt will help design 3-D STUFF for you.  Here’s an example:

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Breaking Down Breaking Bad

I am inducting myself as the latest member in the “Better Late Than Never” Club as I have just now finished watching Breaking Bad. I wish I could say that I binge watched it, but, as discussed, I took a break to actually watch Downton Abbey. Obviously, I can’t go on record as saying I’m the bigges fan of the show, but I’d like to spend some time discussing my thoughts on the series. Continue reading

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The curse of stuff

Having too many material possessions sucks up time.  If you have to move, more stuff means more time spent moving.  Stuff clutters up your life and makes your other stuff harder to find.  At a certain point, stuff becomes a liability.  It becomes a burden taking care of all your stuff.

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The Time Travel Troubles of Edge of Tomorrow

I just got back from seeing Edge of Tomorrow and I’m still mulling it over. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone on at length here about my love of time travel stories. They’re so much fun that I can usually get past holes in logic. I mean, time travel is probably completely impossible, so might as well just enjoy the ride. (I say probably because I really hope I’m wrong.) The trick is to set up rules and stick to them. That’s where I’m having trouble with Edge of Tomorrow at the moment. Continue reading

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Time-saving tips

  1. Buy more clothes and do your laundry less often.
  2. When paying bills, pay more than 1 month at a time.
  3. Get off the Internet.  ;)
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We Owe William Shatner an Apology

As the title of this piece suggests, I believe we all owe William Shatner an apology. For decades, he’s been unfairly maligned as a bad singer. The truth is, he doesn’t even sing. Now, perhaps you might say that I am being too literal. That Mr. Shatner’s entire musical career is the thing that is actually being mocked. But, I think we should be thanking him for not actually singing. Some of the other members of the crew of the Enterprise did, and they make Shatner seem positively Mariah Carey-esque in comparison. Continue reading

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SRT – CH20

We are on the home stretch. Soon, the prophecy will be fulfilled. …here’s Chapter 20.

Thanks to Kat Lawson for donating to our Movember efforts.


(right click to download) – Shaggy Reads Twilight Chapter 20 (25m57s, 23.9mb, warning: contains strong language)

Also, I was recently sent a fan comic from Peter Schmidt Jensen, check it out. :)


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Fast food review: Cantina Bell

So a week or two ago, I went on a trip to the United States to eat fast food.  America is a little strange compared to Canada.  The portions are much bigger.  Ironically, some fast food chains will prominently display how much calories are in each menu item.  The message seems to be that the food has too many calories… but the restaurants are going to give you what you really want.

So anyways, let’s talk about Cantina Bell, which I was excited about in 2012.

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An Even Better Review Of Days of Future Past

I feel like this is an all too common sentence that I use at the beginning of my columns, but here goes: I finally saw a movie! X-Men Days of Future Past, to be precise. It was last week and I really enjoyed it! It was a nice mix of the styles of X-Men 1 and 2, and First Class. More so than just the casts interacting, but even the tone. First Class is a bit more melodramatic than its predecessors – for example, I don’t recall Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier being on the verge of tears ever while James McAvoy’s Xavier is perpetually there. Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies, though, tended to be a bit smaller. The climax of the first movie takes place at the statue of liberty, but it’s in essentially two rooms and the place is closed for the night. First Class featured the Cuban missile crisis and nukes being launched. Continue reading

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X-Men: Daze of Future Past

The latest X-Men movie seems like it might be kind of silly since there’s time travel involved.  I think I’ve seen enough time travel plots to see what’s coming.  What inevitably happens is that the heroes go back in time to save the day.  I’ve never seen a time travel movie where the heroes go back in time and horribly eff things up.  It just doesn’t happen.

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