Marvel Phase 3 Part 2

As promised, it’s about time that I continue with some sort of analysis of Marvel Studio’s announced Phase 3. Last time, we got through Cap 3, Doctor Strange, Thor 3, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Next up: Continue reading

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What the hell happened to television?

While I studied Radio and Television Arts during university, I don’t actually watch traditional television.  Even though I have cable TV, I watch everything on my computer.  So I was quite surprised to learn that the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and Animal Planet are not what I think they are.

megalodon-liesApparently Discovery has gotten into the business of completely making stuff up.  They’re airing fake documentaries about how an extinct species of a 50-ton shark exists today.

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Interstellar Vs 2001

I said at the end of my Grumble last week that I would continue discussing the Marvel Phase 3 films announcement. Well, expect that next week. This weekend, I saw both 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar and I’ve decided I’d much rather talk about those today. Continue reading

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I like mixed martial arts.  I also like Magic The Gathering.  Apparently the two intersect.  Some people who being other people up professionally also happen to enjoy the world’s most popular collectible card game.

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Marvel’s Phase 3

Lately, there’s been a release date war between the major movie studios. Everyone wants to save the date for their big ticket event before anyone else can. The fun part of this for nerds is that almost all of these events are superhero movies! Even better, we can now schedule our movie going lives pretty precisely. The latest volley of release dates came from Marvel studios, so let’s take a look at what the future holds. Continue reading

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Nintendo Holiday Preview!

Festivus is coming.  I hope you don’t celebrate that because Nintendo has some pretty cool stuff lined up for this holiday shopping season.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Smash Brothers.  8 players.  I think Shaggy’s face explains how awesome this madness is:


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John Wick is a Video Game Movie?

This weekend saw the release of a movie that’s been described as Taken with Keanu Reeves instead of Liam Neeson. John Wick is both the name of the film and its main character, and it is way better than that title would suggest. It’s directed by two stuntmen and it definitely shows. The action is crisp and clear, and easy to follow. Definitely a bit of a novelty these days as more and more action flicks seem to be going with hand held cameras and cuts that are so quick it’s hard to tell just what is happening. But, that’s not what stood out to me most while watching this. Continue reading

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unboxed FINALLY – Figma Link

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Cheeky book review time: Atlas Shrugged

A long time ago, I reviewed the world’s most popular book.  This time around, I will review the infamous Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

This famous novel is supposedly against high taxation, big labor, government ownership, government spending, government planning, regulation, and redistribution of wealth.  Left-wingers absolutely detest the book because it promotes greed and capitalism.

Here’s my take: this book is incredibly boring.  I could not get past the first several pages.

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Horror Movie Weekend

Take a look around. If you see giant spiders, scary clowns, and pumpkins with faces and stuff carved into them it’s a good bet it’s halloween. If you still don’t see it but you are reading this within 11 days of it being posted, there’s still a pretty good chance that it’s halloween. With that in mind, I got into the spirit of the season and watched 3 scary movies this weekend and I will now give you my take on them. Continue reading

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