Infomercials on TV

One of the great ironies in life is that I studied Radio and Television Arts and have stopped watching TV.  Because I watch everything on my computer, I haven’t seen an infomercial for a really, really long time.  But thanks to magical time vortex called Youtube, I now know what I’ve been missing.  Here are the top 10 most ridiculous infomercial products:

And thanks to Adblock (a free plug-in for Firefox and Chrome), you can also watch Youtube without any commercials.  Join me in my ignorance.

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Fantastic Four Finale?

It was confirmed at this year’s New York Comic Con that the Fantastic Four will be coming to an end in early 2015. This has been met with less fanfare than, say, the death of Wolverine storyline or Thor’s gender reassignment. But, in certain shadowy corners of the internet, there is a select group of people bellowing “I told you so!” as loudly as they can. Continue reading

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Maze Runner

the-maze-runner-movie-hd-wallpaper-2014-2880x1620Maze Runner is a fun movie.  But honestly I’m getting sick and tired of YA novels being turned into mediocre movies after Hunger Games did so well.  Maze Runner is not an ‘a-maze-ing’ movie by any stretch of the imagination.  It doesn’t do a very good job of character development and the movie doesn’t have much of an emotional impact.

My verdict?  You should walk, not run, to the movie theatres to see this.

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Tusk Review

I’m a Kevin Smith fan. To some, this might sound like a dirty confession. I don’t view it that way, personally. His movies meant a lot to me when I was a teenager, and I still have a special place for them in my memory. I think his work has suffered since he started smoking pot heavily, but I still listen to a few of his podcasts, and I still think he’s a funny guy. Others though, seem to have a hatred of him that I just don’t understand. I can understand not liking his work, or being uninterested in him, but there seems to be a vocal hatred of him that I find distressing as someone who still likes him. Sometimes, I can feel the hatred reflecting back on me as if I’m in the wrong for not throwing him under the bus like them. Continue reading

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Steven Universe keeps getting better

Many TV series will drop a bomb in the middle of the season.  Steven Universe is no exception.  Episodes 25 and 26 combine into a half-hour special where the creators blew their art budget on amazing fight sequences.


The Crystal Gems get their fight on.

They also introduce a new gem character, throw in lots of jokes, and hide many Easter eggs that reference older episodes like Cheeseburger Backpack.  While the special answers a lot of questions, it also introduces many more. Continue reading

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Arbitrary Character Changes

Whenever there is a transition of a character from one medium to another there are bound to be changes. I’m a grown up, and I understand that. I have no ownership of these characters no matter how much I like them, or how long I’ve been reading them. I get if stupid things have to be omitted, or if storylines have to be simplified. If you want to reach a mass audience, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Continue reading

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unboxed FINALLY – Mini Foods

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The legal system

Perhaps age has made me cynical, but I think that the legal system has many elements that are “unjust”.  Let’s take something as simple as a parking ticket.  There are many ways that you can get out of a parking ticket, whether or not you are guilty or innocent.

Continue reading

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Graham Grumbles about Gotham

Typically the 30s-50s is considered the Golden Age of comic books. That’s when the superhero was truly born in the forms of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and all the rest. That being said, I think now could make a strong case for the second coming of the Golden Age. The comics aren’t selling nearly as well as they did in the original Golden Age, but they are practically ubiquitous. More titles are put out every month than ever before (I don’t have numbers to back this claim up, but it certainly seems like it.) A new movie based on a comic book seems to come out every other week. And, more and more comic book TV shows are being made. Continue reading

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Time savin’ tips

To save you time, I’m gonna make this post brief.

  1. Buy lots of clothes.  Do your laundry less often.
  2. Overpay your bills.  Suppose you are with a company that you will almost certainly stick with for a long time.  You can pay 2 or more months at once.  Then you will spend less time paying bills.  And of course, you can save time by paying via electronic bill payments rather than mailing a cheque.

Because not everybody has a Delorean that can travel back in time.

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