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Heh heh. Gulp. I have something to confess. I almost forgot to write a post this week. To be fair, it’s kind of an unusual week. I only have to work Monday, Tuesday, and a half-day on Wednesday. So, this doesn’t feel like my usual Tuesday. It feels more like a Friday-and-a-half. Or something. Continue reading

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Christmas 2015

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house Graham dreamed of presents that probably won’t be. All right, that’s about as much of that as I can handle. Sure it’s a little last minute, but if you need to get a present for me or one of my many clones roaming the city here are some recommendations. Continue reading

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SRT – CH23

Things are winding the hell down here on Shaggy Reads, as I share with you the 2nd last chapter, Chapter 23.

Thanks to Jess Collett for donating to our 2012 Movember efforts (oh yeh, it’s been a while).


(right click to download) – Shaggy Reads Twilight Chapter 23 (10m09s, 9.49mb, warning: contains strong language)

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Vampire Prosecutor

Last week I talked about Japanese television.  This week I talk about Korean television.  Vampire Prosecutor is about a team of cops who are trying to solve crimes.  It’s like the Korean version of CSI but with a gimmick: the lead character happens to have special vampire powers.

Vampire_Prosecutor-poster Continue reading

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The Marvelous Al Pacino

Back to the news desk for this week’s Grumbles. The big news today is that Al Pacino has met with Marvel Studios to discuss the possibility of appearing in an upcoming film. With so many projects in the offing, and so many parts already cast, it’s getting a little tricky to guess what part they might be considering him for. That being said, I’m going to take a shot at it. Since he specifically referenced Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m going to assume that he’s up for something cosmic and restrict my guesses to that realm. Continue reading

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TCAF Pop-Up Shop

I make no secret of my love for Toronto’s comic community and retail industry. The very fact that I have 10 or so comic shops in relative walking distance of me is a clear sign that this city loves its comics just as much.

And our Toronto library system is a treasure trove of comics, be it mainstream North American trades, indie, or manga.

So, to further rub in how awesome Toronto is for a comic fan, I report to you this bit of icing on the cake: the Toronto Reference Library now has the TCAF Pop-Up Shop, right at the entrance.

IMAG3810IMAG3804 Continue reading

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The Dragonball Z I never watched

Growing up, I watched a lot of Dragonball Z on YTV.  Now that I’m a little older, I’m aware that a lot of Japanese humour would be considered perverted in North America.  Thankfully, the Canadian version of Dragonball Z edited out all of the scenes of elderly men reading skin mags, men being perverted, and female characters accidentally exposing themselves.

Continue reading

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Saga and The Suicide Squad

I consume a lot of pop culture. TV, movies, video games, comic books, novels, music, etc. Probably too much pop culture, to be honest. One of the downsides of this lifestyle is that the more you see the more you realize how little originality there is in the world. It doesn’t usually bother me too much. I mean, I’m fine watching the same story told slightly differently so long as it’s done well. I mean, how many romantic comedies are some slight variation on Pride and Prejudice? How many times have we seen something inspired by Hamlet? When everything’s drawing from the same well it’s hard to come up with something truly new. Continue reading

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Graham Grumbles About The Gotham That Could Have Been

I shouldn’t be doing this. I have to be up early tomorrow and it’s already midnight. But, I haven’t posted a Grumble this week and I just finished reading something that I feel I need to talk about. On my way home tonight, I finished Gotham Central for the first time. Continue reading

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Review: Interstellar

Movies written by Christopher Nolan tend to have some sort of unusual gimmick.  In Memento, the main character could not remember the past.  The story was told in reverse.  Inception looked at the concept of dreaming while within a dream.

Interstellar-2014-Poster-Wallpaper Continue reading

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