Turtle Soup – Episode 4

I forgot to mention, in the previous episode April’s entire apartment building was destroyed. She doesn’t seem terribly concerned about it though. Continue reading

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Turtle Soup – Episode 3

Back for another episode of TMNT! The episode begins shortly after the last one ended, with Splinter recovering and April remarking that she hasn’t been home in a week. That still shocks me – the continuity for a Saturday Morning Kids show. Continue reading

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Spider-Man at the Movies

This is news from a week ago, but I felt that if I didn’t address it I would be doing YOU, my loyal reader, a disservice. It was officially confirmed that Spider-Man would now be able to appear in the Marvel movies after a deal was made with Sony Pictures. This means that Spidey will now be able to appear in upcoming movies featuring Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers.  This is good news for everyone! Continue reading

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A review of the Dark Side

I’ve tasted the dark side… and it was bitterly disappointing.

skittles-darkside-bag-2As Admiral Ackbar would point out, it’s a trap.  And that’s my review.

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Optic Nerve by Adrian Tomine

Optic Nerve is a comic filled with short stories about complex human relationships.  The writing is very unconventional in that it portrays all the warts and hypocrisies in interpersonal relationships.  Whereas most of our most popular stories are a form of escapism, Optic Nerve is the opposite.  There is realism instead of superpowers and magic.  There are no contrived plot points and plot twists that build up to a climactic ending.  And there isn’t anything I would consider to be a happy ending.

Continue reading

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The End of an All-New Era

My last few pieces have been a bit more mainstream than this one will likely be. I’ve talked about movies, and the Oscars, and mental health and all that good stuff that most normies are interested in. This week, though, I’m going hardcore comic nerd! Prepare thyself, for this week I speak of one of my favorite comic book writers and his recently announced departure from one of my favorite comics.

Continue reading

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Fecal Kingdom: A tour of manure

fecal-kingdomBefore horseless carriages were invented, horse poo used to be a major environmental problem.  It would pile up in the street and create a big stinkin’ mess.  When it rained, horse poo would create disgusting muck.  Houses back then were built to have the first story above ground so that the mess would not seep through the front door.

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Silly Kingdom 2 Pre-orders end Feb 14

Hey all, KT and I are just about to print the next Silly Kingdom: A New Steed Indeed, and let me just say, if you love (or don’t) unicorns, this book is for you! If you pre-order before Feb 14, you get a limited editing mini print, but hurry, before they go back into… the vault- idonno, here’s the links:




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Mental Illness Movies

In my ongoing quest to see as many of the Oscar nominees as possible, last night I watched Still Alice. It stars Julianne Moore as a woman struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s. She’s slowly losing her memory, identity, and self. It was also timely viewing as Let’s Talk Day was last week. That’s a day to talk about mental illness and to raise awareness of the corporation who sponsors it. The film is a difficult watch, but has some great performances, particularly from Ms. Moore herself.  Continue reading

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Fantastic Four Trailer Grumbles

Just in time for this week’s post, 20th Century Fox did me the favour of releasing a teaser trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Or, as they seem to be calling it, Fant4stic. Let’s see if I can drum up 600 words to describe my thoughts on a minute and a half of footage. Continue reading

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