Steven Universe keeps getting better

Many TV series will drop a bomb in the middle of the season.  Steven Universe is no exception.  Episodes 25 and 26 combine into a half-hour special where the creators blew their art budget on amazing fight sequences.


The Crystal Gems get their fight on.

They also introduce a new gem character, throw in lots of jokes, and hide many Easter eggs that reference older episodes like Cheeseburger Backpack.  While the special answers a lot of questions, it also introduces many more. Continue reading

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Arbitrary Character Changes

Whenever there is a transition of a character from one medium to another there are bound to be changes. I’m a grown up, and I understand that. I have no ownership of these characters no matter how much I like them, or how long I’ve been reading them. I get if stupid things have to be omitted, or if storylines have to be simplified. If you want to reach a mass audience, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Continue reading

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unboxed FINALLY – Mini Foods

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The legal system

Perhaps age has made me cynical, but I think that the legal system has many elements that are “unjust”.  Let’s take something as simple as a parking ticket.  There are many ways that you can get out of a parking ticket, whether or not you are guilty or innocent.

Continue reading

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Graham Grumbles about Gotham

Typically the 30s-50s is considered the Golden Age of comic books. That’s when the superhero was truly born in the forms of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and all the rest. That being said, I think now could make a strong case for the second coming of the Golden Age. The comics aren’t selling nearly as well as they did in the original Golden Age, but they are practically ubiquitous. More titles are put out every month than ever before (I don’t have numbers to back this claim up, but it certainly seems like it.) A new movie based on a comic book seems to come out every other week. And, more and more comic book TV shows are being made. Continue reading

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Time savin’ tips

To save you time, I’m gonna make this post brief.

  1. Buy lots of clothes.  Do your laundry less often.
  2. Overpay your bills.  Suppose you are with a company that you will almost certainly stick with for a long time.  You can pay 2 or more months at once.  Then you will spend less time paying bills.  And of course, you can save time by paying via electronic bill payments rather than mailing a cheque.

Because not everybody has a Delorean that can travel back in time.

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Graham’s Grumbles at TIFF 2014

As a denizen of the fine metropolis of Toronto, I have a better than average opportunity to attend the  Toronto International Film Festival. I don’t, however, have the best opportunity to choose what I go see. So, every year it’s a bit of a crap shoot. I’ve seen blockbusters and awards bait like Gravity, Silver Linings Playbook, and Argo. But, I’ve also seen obscure stuff that didn’t get much in the way of a wide release like Writers (which became Stuck in Love), Nothing is Private (which became Towelhead), and Virginia (they stuck with that title). This year was definitely a year for more obscure films. Continue reading

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Turtle Soup – Episode 2

On to episode 2 of the 80s Ninja Turtles TV series! My assumption is that most of the series doesn’t have much in the way of continuing plot threads. I mean, I get that there are going to be two parters here and there, and there’s going to be continuity like the development of new characters and what not. But, I think the vast majority of the episodes are going to be done in one. Continue reading

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Review: Gundam Seed

Mobile.Suit.Gundam.SEED.full.53009Mecha porn + good plot = Gundam Seed

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (2002-2003) has lots of slick action scenes but it is not a mindless action-oriented series where the plot is a thin excuse for all the action to occur.  The show has interesting characters and themes throughout.  The two main characters, Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato, are two childhood friends who end up on opposite sides of the war.  The two are torn as they find themselves in a senseless war between Naturals and Coordinators.

Continue reading

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Gillen and McKelvie Forever

Back for another dose of Grumbling, I once again have it a bit of a lull. There’s not much in the way of exciting news or film/television/comic book releases for me to discuss. We’re in the precarious land after blockbuster and convention season, but before the Fall TV and Oscar bait season. So, with that in mind, this column might be a short one. It’s about the comic book creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. Continue reading

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