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Shaggy Shan is an author. That's right, a PRINTED author. BOOSH! Along with such titles as Buttons & Jim (Flight Anthology vol 8), and the self published collaborative effort with web artist & sister KT Shy, Silly Kingdom, he dabbles in motion graphics and audio shenanigans. Check out more of his work at: TttM Podcast

SRT – CH15

Our Movember 2012 SRTs continue with Chapter 15.

Thanks to Cody Drees.


(right click to download) – Shaggy Reads Twilight Chapter 15 (29m42s, 27.2mb, warning: contains strong language)

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Write Night (is what we’ve been doing on Mondays)

Hey all, if you need some listening during your days, and wanna learn a thing or two about writing (or just hear how wrong we are, take your pick), be sure to check out our YouTube uploades of Write Night.

What is this Write Night, you ask? Every Monday me and a bunch of others get together to discuss a topic of writing, be it a specific genre, literary concept, or our own writing methods.

Presently there is no podcast version, but if you’d rather download the recordings, you can always use the Downloadhelper plugin for Firefox, or

Feedback or Vacuum: Who do you write for? – Write Night (13-01-16)

The Villain in You: Let’s Talk Bad Guys – Write Night (13-01-21)

Writing What You Know (and making up the rest) – Write Night (13-01-28)

Making Monsters – Write Night (13-02-04)

Origins – Write Night (13-02-11)

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SRT – Ch14

Our Movember 2012 SRTs start here with Chapter 14.

Thanks to Sarah Tuck.


(right click to download) – Shaggy Reads Twilight Chapter 14 (26m27s, 24.4mb, warning: contains strong language)

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Team MOlten Lava Reads: GoW AF Ch01

Hey all, first off I want to thank you ALL for your generous donations to my Movember page this year, raising $412.

And yes, you successfully unlocked ALL remaining 11 chapters of SRT (which will be released throughout 2013) so… hurray for that.

NOW, here is something I’ve been wanting to get to you all, sorry it’s been over a year since last Movember, but after some delays, we’ve put together the GoW chapter made possible by generous Mo donor Kathy Harnack, voiced by the ever talented Jesse Hodson.


(right click to download) – TMLR: GEARS OF WAR – Aspho Fields – Chapter 01 (40m40s, 37.9mb, warning: contains strong language)

If you missed it, here is the Prologue.

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Few MO days…

Hey all, with Movember wrapping up in the next week or so, I FINALLY got this year’s video out, and also wanna mention, if you want more Shaggy Reads [book about the pointy teeth folk], this is the LAST TIME I’ll be putting it up as an incentive… EVER!

To unlock a new chapter (and get your name read), donate $25 to either my mobro page, or Team Quarter Circle Mo with the code SRT in your comment.

Either way, let’s change the face of men’s health.

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Gears of War: Action Rescue Truck (toy ad)

What’s this? A NEW UberFriendship video? UNHEARD OF! It’s a Gears of War toy ad we made for a friend’s birthday… she’s a Dom fan. (::SPOILER WARNING:: Addresses themes and events from Gears of War 3)

Side note: we’re both wearing our Gears of War t-shirts… but how it was shot you would never know that.

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TttC: The Shag-a-Rant – Sebastian is an Idiot

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Arthur Comic Creator… is too great (that didn’t rhyme)

So if you read THIS post, you know I love messing around with any of those comic making print studio softwares. Well, the fine folk at have graced me with more reasons to waste time, with Arthur Comic Creator. Enjoy.

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TttC Update Ep: ConBravo Claptrap

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TttC Update Episode: My Comic-Con 2012 Coverage

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